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  Product Name: HDMI to VGA Converter
  Model Number:  FM164
HDMI to VGA Converter
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Product details:


1. No need any software, plug and play
2. All the hardware conversion processing, with images of high definition, good brightne

Technical Parameters:
1. HDMI enter ---- HDMI Input formats: 480P/720P / 1080I/1080P/60Hz
2. VGA output ----- VGA Output Resolution: will change with the input of the HDMI signal change.
1600*1200@60Hz, 1920*1080@60Hz
(This resolution requires the back-end display devices support.Output and input synchronization )
3. Audio Output Format: Analog Stereo Audio (0.5 ~ 1.5 Voltsp-p)
4. Power Adapter: AC100 ~ 240V DC output power supply switch DC/5V
Interface Function:
1.HDMI input interface, connect PS3/XBOX360/PC;Graphics / HD player / Blu-ray DVD / HD set-top box / Notebook computers
2.VGA signal input, connect the projector,(Samsung, SONY, NEC projectors, etc.) or LCD monitor
3. Audio output interface: connect stereo amplifier or headset
4.DC/5V: Power input interface (DC/5V 600mA)
Package Included:
1 x HDMI to VGA Converter
1 x DC/5V Power
1 x User Manual (EN)


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