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USB Optical Drive
[FE80] Slot-Loading USB Blu-ray Burner & Player for MacBook Pro (works with all other Macs too)
[FE9] USB2.0 External Slot Blu-ray Burner with Pop-up key
[FE8] USB 2.0 Slot-in DVD-RW Super Slim Optical Drive (most like Apple super drive)
[FE6] USB External CD-RW Drive
[FE4] USB 2.0 BD-ROM Drive/ Blu-ray Player
[FE3] USB External DVD-RW Burner Drive
[FE2] USB 2.0 External Blu-ray Burner Drive Black(Classic series)
[FE0] USB 3.0 External BLu-ray BD-RE Burner Drive
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